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Sunken Firepit

29 Amazing Firepit Ideas

I've got a firepit and I truly believe that every Australian should have one too.  There is nothing I enjoy more than hitting Saturday night and lighting up the firepit, sitting around it with

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Storing Firewood Inside

The Problem With Storing Firewood And How To Do It Right

Well, it’s one thing to collect your firewood, whether you cut it yourself or have it delivered, but it is another thing to store it so you don’t cause yourself additional problems or lose

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Wood Fireplace

Fireplace Cleaning – What You Should Know

As it gets colder we are going to get to the point where we need to be lighting up the fireplace. But before we do that we should understand all about fireplace cleaning so we get a fire that burns hot

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Which Wood Heaters Are Best For You

Which Wood Heaters Are Best For You?

Wood Heaters Are For More Than Heating Wood I don’t think there is a more relaxing thing (I mean like zoning out) than staring into a wood fire.  I think it is there, implanted deep in our DNA,

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Firewood Storage Manna Gum Building And Garden Supplies Ferntree Gully

Firewood For Sale Near Ferntree Gully, Victoria

Firewood For SaleWhen the majority of the population lived on farms or near the bush, firewood to heat your home or stock your oven, was never a problem. However as we have become a more suburb oriented

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