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Garden Supplies Knoxfield

Quality Garden Supplies for Knoxfield

At Manna Gum Building & Garden Supplies, we want you to love your garden as much as we love ours. That’s why we offer an extensive range of top-quality building and garden supplies to Knoxfield & Melbourne’s eastern suburbs that will help you create the garden you’ve been dreaming of.

Whether you’re after a practical, hands-off garden, or you’re looking to create a beautiful escape that you love spending time in, our garden supply experts can help you find the tools and materials to create your perfect outdoor space.

Compost Mulch

Mulch & Timber Landscaping

Mulch Building And Garden Supplies Ferntree Gully

Redwood Mulch

Mulch, Mulch & more Mulch!

When it comes to your garden, adding a layer of mulch is one of the most important things you can do for your plants. A good coating of mulch adds beautiful colour and texture to your garden beds, while working to retain moisture, stop weeds, and insulate your plants as they grow. It’s like their coat of armour.

At Manna Gum Building & Garden Supplies, we stock a wide range of different mulches and garden coverings for you to choose from. Whether you’re after organic mulch, inorganic mulch, or you simply want a good quality commercial mulch, come and have a look at the Manna Gum range.

We’ve got something for every garden, with mulches available in a variety of colours and types, to suit any budget.

Garden Edging

Garden edging doesn’t just make your Knoxfield garden look cleaner, with well-defined edges, it also reduces the amount of garden work you have to do too. Whether you’re after natural wood edging, rusted heavy-duty steel for precision, traditional brick and stone edging, or want to create some interesting texture of rocks and pebbles, we’ve got you covered.

garden supplies knoxfield

Crushed Rock


Screenings 14mm

Stones Building And Garden Supplies Ferntree Gully

River Rocks 40-70mm

Screening, Pebbles Toppings & Rocks

Thinking about adding some texture and a point of difference to your garden? Screening and toppings like pebbles and rocks can help create a garden that’s visually captivating and works to stop your garden from feeling crowded.

At Manna Gum Building & Garden Supplies we stock a range of materials that will help you transform your Knoxfield garden into something spectacular. So whether you’re looking at creating contrasting spaces, or settling a large feature piece, we’ll help you choose the size, colour, and blend that suits your vision. 

garden supplies knoxfield

Selection of Pavers

Whether it’s a simple garden path, a complete driveway, or you’re looking at creating an entire outside room for entertaining, we’ve got a range of pavers to help you create a spectacular outdoor space in Knoxfield. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you choose the right pavers and garden supplies that will bring your idea to life.

Sands For Knoxfield Gardens

As a gardener, sand can actually be beneficial in helping your garden grow deep and strong, and build essential pockets of water and oxygen into your soils. As a builder, it helps to add strength and stability to your materials. So whatever you’re looking at achieving, explore our range of sand today.


Builders Sand

Sand Building And Garden Supplies Ferntree Gully


Packing Sand

Sand Building And Garden Supplies Ferntree Gully

White Brick Sand


One of the most important elements of your garden is your soil, and at Manna Gum Building & Garden Supplies, we’ll help you build your Knoxfield garden from below the ground up. We’ve got a range of gardening soils to help you start your garden off right: any application, any type of garden, we’ve got the soil you need to grow strong, healthy plants.


Compost Soil


Garden Blended Soil


Lawn Mix

Potting & Garden Mix

Carefully formulated to provide the right mix of nutrients, and promote aeration and drainage, choosing the right potting mix will ensure your indoor and potted plants have the best chance to thrive. We’ll help you choose the right mix for your plants and gardening needs.

garden supplies knoxfield
garden supplies knoxfield

Concrete, Hardwood & Pine Sleepers

Whether you want to create a striking divide between two spaces, you’re aiming to strengthen your garden with a retaining wall, or you’re even thinking about creating your own garden furniture, we’ve got the range of sleepers to help you get the job done.

Feeds & Fertilisers

Garden nutrition doesn’t have to be tricky. We can help you match your plants and garden with the right feeds and fertilisers that cover off on their nutrition needs. This will give them everything they need to grow strong and healthy.

Manna Gum Building and Garden Supplies Ferntree Gully Blood and Bone

Blood & Bone


Manure Bags

Manna Gum Building and Garden Supplies Ferntree Gully Weed and Feed

Weed & Feed

Manna Gum Building and Garden Supplies Ferntree Gully Rapid Soak

Rapid Soak

Call Darren on (03) 9752 2434 to order your garden supplies today.

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We supply top quality, hard-wearing garden supplies to Knoxfield & Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.
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